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Animal reproductive health has long been a major focus for Nokomis Research. Working with some of the top veterinarians and reproductive health researchers in the field – including a world-renowned thereogenologist (fertility expert) – Nokomis has developed and patented an effective first-line treatment for animal reproductive health.

Triple S Fertility Enhancement Supplement:

Triple S is a safe, naturally-based composition, anecdotally proven to enhance sperm count and sperm quality, reduce inflammation, and enhance libido. The primary active ingredients of this patented supplement are known requirements for healthy and rapid cell growth, providing a key link to spermatogenesis (sperm cell production).

How Triple S Works

When ingested, the active ingredients of Triple S are transported from the intestine into the blood stream. With metabolic degrading low, over 70% of the Triple S compound remains metabolically available for the animal to use in various cellular processes, including reproductive processes at both the molecular and tissue level.

Proven Efficacy

Early pilot studies on standard-bred horses showed an increase in sperm count. Further testing on thorough-bred horses demonstrated enhanced libido and an increase in sperm production. More importantly, those studies showed no decrease in any of the horses at the end of the breeding season, effectively expanding the season well beyond the norm. Canine and bovine studies generated similar results.

Proven Safety

Safety studies conducted by Nokomis found the ingredients in the Triple S compound to be completely safe, with no evidence of any detrimental effects on animal health, growth, or well-being.



As well, years of international research conducted by experts in the field, confirmed a safe and effective history of usage.

Easy to Administer

As the administration of Triple S is based on body weight, the product has been made available in various dosage amounts and administration mechanisms. Triple S for Small Animals comes in pill form; Triple S for Large Animals comes in both a top dress or feed additive for cattle and pigs, and in a corn syrup-based oral syringe for horses. In order to cover the natural spermatogenesis period, a minimum 90-day usage is recommended. Used year round, however, Triple S will provide continued effective support for the animal’s sexual system and maximize its total fertility potential.

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