Our philosophy at Nokomis is simple: Create safe, effective, and affordable solutions that help enhance the quality of life.


Conceive for Men works with your body to enhance its own hormonal health, helping to improve all quality sperm criteria – numbers, movement, shape and size – while helping rectify other male sexual problems such as libido.


Hormonal Harmony helps bring hormones back to their optimal state, significantly improving your quality of life and reducing the signs of aging. More energy,  less fatigue, less stress.


Conceive for Women is designed specifically for women and the challenges they face in their sexual life. From fertility and libido issues to menstrual pain, Conceive for Women helps bring key reproductive hormones back to their optimal state.

The Science Behind our Products

Naturally-based, Scientifically-Backed


Our philosophy at Nokomis is simple: Create safe, effective, and affordable solutions that help enhance the quality of life.

We have spent decades researching and developing naturally-based, scientifically-backed therapies, therapies that are both effective and affordable. Those efforts have resulted in a number of high quality products that deliver results you can count on. Both now and into the future.

The Science Behind Our Products

Everything we do, every product we create, must adhere to two principles: they have to be naturally-based and scientifically-backed.

Naturally-based: All our products must be naturally-based. We use polyamines, naturally-occurring elements from plants, that restore and regenerate cells and tissues within the body, combined with the nutrient power of red radish leaf and select vitamins and minerals. Everything in our products is on the label and vegan certified.

Scientifically-backed: All our products are subjected to rigorous testing and intensive research. Clinical trials, extensive human observational studies, and toxicology studies are employed to ensure our patented formulations work not only effectively, but with absolutely no evidence of any detrimental effects on health, growth or overall wellbeing. We work closely with key medical and scientific experts worldwide to ensure the safety and efficacy of all our products.

Pioneering the Reproductive Field: The Introduction of Eroxil™ and Erosyn™

The identification of two cell-regenerating polyamines, Spermine and Spermidine, led to the creation of Nokomis’ flagship patented products, Eroxil™ and Erosyn™.  Developed specifically to work with the bodyto improve the ability to function well sexually, Eroxil™ and Erosyn™ address the root causes of sexual dysfunction, not just the symptoms. Safe, economical, and extremely effective, these products laid the groundwork for Nokomis’ series of hormone balancing therapeutics.

Putting Your Life Back in Balance

Quality of life can be significantly improved and the aging process decelerated if hormonal deficiencies can be corrected. Nokomis’ new patented products specifically address the root causes of hormonal imbalance, not just ease the symptoms.

Sold under Nokomis’ Skytree Naturals label, these products target the hub of the hormonal messaging system, helping ensure specific core needs are met and symptoms alleviated.

There are a multitude of hormones in the human body, each one working in concert with the others. Any deviation from the normal levels of hormones – no matter how small – can create uncomfortable symptoms and cause significant changes throughout the body. Skytree Naturals – with its key patented ingredients – helps bring those hormones back to an optimal state.

Today, Skytree Naturals offers three hormonal balancing products through its website, :

  • Hormonal Harmony – the cornerstone of the hormone balancing line
  • Conceive for Women – a first-line-of-action fertility supplement, and
  • Conceive for Men – the key to healthy sperm and enhanced libido


Clinical Pipeline:  Indication-specific Supplements currently in development

  • Immune system protection and regulation
  • Menopause/andropause to help counteract the signs and symptoms of aging during life-changing stages
  • Stess
  • Muscle mass maintenance
  • Autism
  • Eroxil™ Advanced and Erosyn™ Advanced



Read what our customers are saying

“What appeals to me is the fact that the product not only addresses one of the major causes of infertility – low or poor quality sperm count – but also assists in rectifying other male sexual health problems such as low libido and prostate. It’s truly a total therapy. And best of all, it’s natural. It’s not a drug.”

Dr. J. Kozak, MD. Toronto, Canada.

“Congratulations! This is very exciting stuff! You’ve found the critical link between polyamines and fertility.”

Michael Lindinger, University of Guelph, Human Biology and Nutritional Sciences, Guelph, Canada

“I have, in my practice, used this oral product as a form of therapy in stallion management for horses with low or subnormal sexual drive. I’ve observed a positive response with an increase in stallion libido and a return to acceptable breeding behavior in a natural cover breeding program. The oral form is easy to administer and acceptable for clients to ensure compliance with appropriate dosing.”

Stuart Brown, DVM, Hagyard-Davidson-McGee, Equine Medicine and Surgery, Lexington,Kentucky

“I believe Nokomis Research has finally achieved the impossible with Conceive. They have developed and patented naturally-based compounds that mimic the human body’s natural hormone production, re-establishing normal sexual function for both men and women, with the added bonus of increasing sperm production for those men who suffer from the challenges of infertility.” 

Frank Sweet, N.M.D., Arizona, U.S.A.