Anti-Oxidants Help Keep Free  Radicals in Check

Anti-Oxidants Help Keep Free Radicals in Check

Your body is under constant attack from oxidative stress caused by free radicals. Every day, millions of these scavengers are fighting a silent war between your cells, damaging cells, proteins, and DNA. But just what are free radicals and how do you protect yourself from this ongoing battle?

Free Radicals: Cell Scavengers

Free radicals are basically unstable electron molecules, constantly scavenging for chemical components that other cells have, but that they’re missing. Free radicals ultimately harm and age the body over time because they damage DNA, cellular membranes, lipids (fats) stored within blood vessels, and enzymes.

Normally, free radicals live in balance with anti-oxidants in the body. But when this balance is disturbed – due to a low intake of anti-oxidants or excessive free radical production – cell damage, or oxidation, along with accelerated aging can occur.

Free radicals are very unstable, capturing needed electrons to gain stability. A chain reaction of free radical production can result in oxidative stress and the destruction of a living cell.

High levels of oxidative stress affect every organ and system in the body and are believed to lead to the development of the most prevalent chronic diseases and disorders killing adults today.

Free radicals can be of benefit to your body – if they’re kept under control. But if they lose control, these scavengers can end up marauding and pillaging throughout the body, destroying healthy cells and tissues.

But you can protect yourself.

The Importance of Anti-Oxidants

Anti-oxidants keep free radicals in check. They’re like little, self-sacrificing bodyguards protecting your cells from disease. Often touted as “anti-aging” compounds, they help protect against age-related diseases caused in part by free radicals. Unfortunately, our ability to produce antioxidants in the body declines with age.

So what’s the solution?

While we can never entirely stop the aging process, a diet high in antioxidant foods such as brightly colored fruits and vegetables, berries and red wine, and dark chocolate, along with a reduction of the toxin load in your body, can help.

Sometimes, though, your body needs more assistance in fighting off those ravaging free radicals. And that’s where Nokomis Research came in.

Innovative New Supplement

Nokomis has developed a new anti-oxidant supplement, one that helps keep those free radicals in check. How? Polyamines. Naturally-occurring elements that restore and regenerate cells and tissues within the body. Combined with the nutrient power of red radish leaf and select vitamins and minerals, our new anti-oxidant supplement, Xylycel, helps protect your cells against oxidative stress and reduce the damage caused by free radicals. Soon to be sold under the Skytree Naturals’ label, Xylycel takes its role as bodyguard seriously, fending off harmful cell scavengers and slowing the aging process.

To Your Health

So, go ahead. Toast your health with a glass of good red wine, if you like, or an antioxidant-rich fruit juice, and perhaps even a nibble of dark chocolate. But make sure you give that little army of bodyguards protecting your cells that extra anti-oxidative boost they need with Nokomis’ new supplement. For the maintenance of your good health.