About Nokomis Research

Nokomis Research is a global healthcare research company with over 20 years’ experience developing innovative, natural solutions to unique health challenges.

Internationally known for its pioneering series of fertility and libido enhancement products – Eroxil™ for Men and Erosyn™ for Women – Nokomis Research was the first to equate the challenges of fertility and sexual dysfunction to an imbalance of hormones. It was also the first to realize the restorative influence of the polyamines, Spermine and Spermidine, on cell preservation and regeneration.

Developing innovative solutions

for today’s health challenges

Reproductive Health

Reproductive health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. But for tens of millions of couples world-wide, some form of sexual dysfunction is an unfortunate reality. Nokomis has changed all that.

Hormonal Balance

There are thousands of hormones in the human body. Keeping them in balance is critical. And polyamines are the key.

Veterinary Therapeutics

Nokomis offers first line treatment for animals experiencing sperm production and libido difficulties …


There are any number of misconceptions

There are any number of misconceptions out there regarding hormones and what they can and cannot do. And when you link those misconceptions to the whole fertility arena, you are dealing with confusion, doubt, and a myriad of questions. Here, we try to allay your fears, answer those questions, and help set the record straight. Hormones, fertility, libido, they’re all fair game. So ask away.

The Nokomis Fertility Foundation

For Endangered Species

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